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  E9th Fret Board Study

By Dick Meis

Knowledge of basic scales and pedals is essential for any serious study of the E9 steel guitar. Read the following text and print out the attached PDF files for some basic scale studies.

  1. Scales are in both the Pedals Up and Pedals Down position.
  2. The notes are named on the positions as well as under the staff and where the notes are located on the staff.
  3. There is a small number by each note indicating the degree of the scale from one to eight.
  4. The pedals are color coded:
    A Pedal = Blue
    B Pedal = Red
    D Knee Pedal = Green
  5. The notes on the strings are color coded to the pedals as well as the notes on the staff.

E9Study_Part1.pdf  E9Study_Part2.pdf

The above files require the free Adobe Reader version 5 or above. Download the Adobe Reader by clicking the icon above.

Check back again soon - Dick Meis will be offering more free tips and lessons in this column.


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